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Thanks if you are interested enough to read this. Stephen Frost-editor

All information in this blog is either our own or, more likely, sourced from the public domain. We are grateful to sites such as NASA and university news desks that make information freely available for non-commercial purposes. We will never knowingly contravene copyright. We will always provide links to the original sources; we think this serves a gateway to viewing them directly. We do not make a profit or have third party advertising on this site.

This blog was started a few years back and I have kept all early entries. Some are still relevant, while others may only be of historic interest. others may be amusing in light of experience, but I won't delete them unless they are purely wrong! Please contact me with any updates or new contributions and I will do my best to include them.

Photonics may have a specific scientific meaning, but as far as this blog goes it means light in all its manifestations, with an emphasis on astronomy, but also science, heath, photography, the march of social progress and anything else on our minds. 

 Apologies if you have arrived to read about the fascinating photonics of electron beam propagation: but please contact me to add content in that area.

'Move Towards the Light' as someone somewhere once said. it may be optimistic these days but best keep to the path!

I should emphasise I am only interested in positive stories. See the BBC, CNN, Sky, Fox etc. or the Daily Mail, to name just a few, for plenty of bad news stories. (Except perhaps about the end of the world (joke-Ed.).)

I am not an expert in all the areas discussed. In  fact I was a PhD biochemist in England, now retired, and have direct clinical experience in some areas, however I am not a physicist. Please also excuse and UK English that doesn't translate well internationally.

I am a photographer and would appreciate if you visit my separate web site: Stephen Frost Photography

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Finally to emphasise, this is not the sort of thing for this blog! Stay positive folks.

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