Saturday, 19 January 2013

So comments like 'All people are evil or stupid.' aren't quite what we have in mind.

Welcome to Photonic Positive 

Editor's blog: star-date 0.0.1

This new blog mainly is about Space, Science, Social Development, Strange and Silly Things and even a few  editor's Snaps (photos), who is Steve. S must be the best initial in the world :-}

It will pull together things blogged or posted elsewhere and will differ slightly in emphasis from most news blogs, with positive stories. If you want negativity try the BBC, Sky, CNN, Fox or any mainline news Services, have a look and you will see what I mean.  Of course what is positive may depend on your point of view I suppose..

So comments like 'All people are evil or stupid.' aren't quite what we have in mind.

Fell free to comment and add your own text, but only friendly positivity please, or I will only be negative, or remove text, in return. 

All writing is either our own or from the public domain. I will attribute sources with links where available. If we accidentally miss attribution let me know and I will correct it. Fell free to copy content but please include a link to our site or other sources

Well, more later.